byROO seeks to empower women by challenging the original meaning behind feminine modes of dressing. The designer reinvents the way in which the modern woman wields power and femininity in fashion and in the everyday.


Founded by designer Gabrielle Schimmel in 2022, byROO is a ready-to-wear women’s clothing brand designed in the UK and made in Europe.

Gabrielle draws inspiration from Victorian styles and detailing, symbolic of restriction and repression, and combines them with a grunge aesthetic, replete with intimations of freedom and sexual liberation.These distinct and contrasting styles make for a truly compelling and unique ‘collage’. Gabrielle’s bold prints and fabrics have an antiquated touch, while the designers use of oversized silhouettes and shapes are absolutely modern.

Gabrielle seeks to transcend the dated notion of the ‘romantic woman’. The designer believes that power dressing need not be limited to the confines of a structured suit. For Gabrielle, a floaty dress can feel just as robust as a suit of armour.

A fundamental aspect of Gabrielle’s mission is to produce responsibly, creating limited quantities that are carefully and ethically sourced. The designer aims to create high-quality, non-trend-lead, timeless designs, which the ‘byROO’ woman can cherish and wear year to year.



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